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Sun Safety Resource Pack

This resource has the following types: Toolkit

In the UK around 80% of our sun exposure is done by the age of 21 and much of this exposure occurs when at school. Schools have a responsibility to ensure that pupils are protected from harmful effects of the sun as much as possible during the school day. Teachers have an important role to play in explaining the dangers of sun’s UV rays and discussing sun protection.

Skin cancer and protection are relevant to many different subjects and learning stages. The importance of positive health choices is stressed in PHSE. Children’s skin is more delicate and sensitive to the sun than adults; furthermore sun burn during childhood significantly increases the risk of skin cancer later in life. Clearly this highlights the importance of developing a programme around awareness of sun safe behaviours.

Having a good knowledge of sun safe behaviours early in life is essential to decrease the amount of diagnosed skin cancers cases each year. Developing Healthier Communities worked in partnership with Lisle Marsden Primary Academy to develop a DVD teacher resource for sun safety. This includes various lesson plans to teach children about sun safety including seeking the shade, covering up, looking after young children in the sun and the DVD has sun safety demonstration.




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