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Humber LEP Gold Standard


Background to the Gold Standard

Between September 2012 and April 2013, the Humber LEP Skills Commission carried out research into the skills needs of the local area that accumulated into the Skills Commission report, ‘Lifting the Lid’.

One of key themes of the report was CEIAG and one of the major findings of the research was the lack of quality CEIAG across the Humber. The Skills Commission made a number of recommendations; one of these was to consolidate and update the four individual Local Authorities’ Gold Standards (that were developed from an original Humber Gold Standard produced by the Humber Connexions Service), so that it fitted the requirements of the LEP in terms of scope and depth and could be used as a standard to assess the quality of provision especially in pre-16 provision.

The new standard would meet ‘today’s needs’ including meeting national guidelines and policy, for example CEIAG requirements within the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework (for Schools), as well as Careers Education statutory requirements and guidance.

A public register would also be kept of which schools, colleges and other providers meet the Humber Gold Standard to inform parental and learner choice. It was also envisaged that compliance with the Gold Standard should be taken as evidence during inspections as part of Ofsted’s ‘Common Inspection Framework for Schools’


Benefits of Participating in the Gold Standard

Participating in the self-evaluation process and achieving accreditation of the Humber LEP Gold Standard will:

  • Raise the standards of CEIAG leadership, management and delivery within the organisation
  • Improve the quality of CEIAG across the organisation through continuous and effective quality assurance, monitoring - evaluation - review and improvement planning
  • Raise the profile of CEIAG at strategic and operational levels across the organisation
  • Provide a framework for meeting statutory requirements and national guidance, having been mapped against:
    • National ‘Quality in Careers Standards’ (Careers England)
    • Ofsted Inspection Framework (Ofsted, April 2014)
    • Careers Guidance and Inspiration for Schools (DfE, April 2014)
  • Provide an enhanced CEIAG service that inspires young people and raises their aspirations and motivation, helping to improve their outcomes, including successful progressions at key transition points as well as learner achievements
  • Facilitate partnership working with a range of stakeholders including employers, other education and training providers as well as parents/carers
  • Support preparation for Ofsted, the process and award being valuable to highlight within self-evaluation reports and inspection visits


Next Steps and Contacts

If you would like further information about the Humber LEP Gold Standard for CEIAG, including the process or support packages available, or wish to start the assessment process, please contact:

Lead: The Humber LEP Executive Director: Employment & Skills

Tel: 01482 485 266


North East Lincolnshire Gold Standard

The Humber LEP Gold Standard for CEIAG, detailed above, has now replaced the North East Lincolnshire Gold Standard. Reports about organisations that were previously assessed for the North East Lincolnshire Gold Standard can be viewed below:


Gold Standard Reports